inter_linked The Series

Anny messed up. Big time.

She was given a choice, pack her bags and and find a new job or be paired with WISR, the most bitter and sarcastic android ever programmed.

While they just hate each other, they can agree on one thing: androids are the same as the humans around them. If only everyone else agreed.

Barely keeping on the right side of their boss’s rules – and the law! – Anny and WISR tour the stars trying to help every android, robot, and AI that they come across.

They’ll save every robot they can, if they don’t kill each other first.

If you like stories with:

The sarcasm and biting wit of Hitchhiker’s Guide

The episodic, emotional journey of Violet Evergarden

The wordplay and humor of Christopher Moore

or the sweeping, cosmic worldbuilding of Star Wars

You will love this down-to-“earth”, cozy science-fiction about a girl, her robot, and the people they meet along the way.